KeepItCake is a guy who was sitting on the 17th floor in a skyscraper building in Canary Wharf, looking out of the window and thinking “I really want cake right now and it’s not even lunch time yet!”

Baking cakes for KeepItCake was a great hobby over the years and a passion that couldn’t seem to stop growing.  Always keen to experiment with different flavour combinations and endlessly designing contemporary and modern cakes. It was time in April 2017 to make a tough, yet liberating decision to quit his job and become a full time cake artist.

KeepItCake focuses on creating new and textured based designs for both wedding and celebration cakes, by aiming to bridge the gap between his minimalist centred designs and an eye catching centrepiece.

Colourful, exciting, and lip-smacking on all occasions, KeepItCake holds its own and it’s easy to understand why it is a welcome sight in every occasion big or small, formal or casual. You’ll quickly be proud you made the right decision because:

  • You’ll love the taste that’s true to a mix of the finest recipe and skills of a master baker.
  • Chances are high you’ll nail it with whatever option you settle on. You simply can’t go wrong, whether you’re looking to impress that special someone or trying the keep it awesome on that notable day KeepItCake have got you covered!

Different styles, few sought after secrets, and due diligence.

KeepItCake has been able to be the go-to for the uncommon and trend-led cake uprising. With decorations that catch the eye and concepts to die for, be prepared to watch jaws hit the floor and even more “where did you get it from.” Be warned. Anticipate more reactions – the positive kind.