Our flavours

Vanilla bean

Vanilla bean sponge with creamy Vanilla bean buttercream and raspberry compote

Red Velvet

Deep Red Velvet sponge paired with a vanilla bean buttercream

Chocolate hazelnut

Dark Belgian chocolate sponge, with a hazelnut buttercream and hazelnut praline filling

lemony lemon

Freshly squeezed lemon and lemon zest with a vanilla buttercream and a homemade lemon curd filling

Double chocolate

Dark Belgian chocolate sponge with a Belgian chocolate buttercream

mocha mint

An added shot of espresso in our Dark Belgian chocolate sponge paired with a minty buttercream 

chocolate mango

Belgian Chocolate sponge, paired with mango buttercream, made with real mangos

coconut & lime

Toasted coconut sponge with lime zest and lime juice. Firm favourite once you’re converted to this tropical flavour!

peanut butter & jelly

Vanilla bean sponge with a peanut butter, buttercream and a strawberry compote filling

lotus biscoff

Brown sugar sponge with lotus biscoff and a lotus biscoff buttercream

coffee & walnut

Coffee sponge using the finest colombian coffee beans (my favourite coffee origin), with walnut. Paired with coffee buttercream and toasted walnuts 

match & white chocolate

Finest Japanese Matcha powder used in this green tea sponge with a white chocolate buttercream

pistachio & rose

Turkish pistachio sponge with a rose buttercream 

hazelnut latte

Coffee sponge, soaked with coffee syrup. Hazelnut buttercream and hazelnut praline filling

ALLERGEN: Please note, we do bake in a kitchen where NUTS, DAIRY and GLUTEN are handled in close proximity. 

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