Have no perfection, you'll never reach it

In the 90s!

The baker in me!

As a young boy, I would often be fascinated by the extremely small baking section in the supermarket aisles. I would constantly ask my parents to buy me the Tom & Jerry vanilla cupcake box mix and Dennis the Menace chocolate cupcake mix. This very much became part of the weekly shop (yes, I was spoilt but funnily enough, not a brat. Okay, maybe sometimes)

THE 00S!

Yup, the 00s were all about the growing up and being a nerd. Baking took a backseat but cooking meals became the focus, all thanks to my mum who taught me intuition, when it comes to cooking. I applied this to baking too (not to patisserie obviously. Never, ever detour from a patisserie recipe)!

the hobby years

we all start somewhere...

My undergrad degree was over and it was the start of my masters degree as well as job hunting. What could I do with all this free time (well, lack of)? I turned to baking and it became extremely therapeutic and provided some me time from the vigour of academia. Below was one of the first bakes I did. It was a dark chocolate cheesecake that is still reminiscent amongst the family till today (excuse the editing, instagram filters had arrived on the scene)!

It started to get serious

Baking for friends and family started becoming a regular thing and the love for it grew from strength to strength


I quit my job in the city and started KeepItCake full time. Liberating? Yes! Scary? Yes! Regrets? No!

Prior to handing in my resignation, I went on a solo travel to East Asia and The Middle East and I did cliche thing of “finding my purpose” and I knew that I wanted to do something in life, which I truly enjoy and was my passion. I went back and forth in my mind as well as conversations with my friends and family and quit my job with full support and encouragement from my company. 

canary wharf, london, business

the rest was history

Focusing on my business as a full time allowed me time to work on my craft and refine it. As well as focusing on flavours as this is the first and foremost priority for KeepItCake. Check out our flavours here

Since then

I’ve worked with some amazing clients to create bespoke and artistic wedding cakes and had the pleasure of setting up at some jaw dropping venues. Check out our wedding cakes here

The style of keepItCake